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Education Innovation Conference
From October 13 to November 10, Hangzhou Education Bureau, Xiacheng Dirstrict Government and Zhejiang University Center of the Asia-Pacific Programme of Educational Innovation for Development(APEID),UNESCO, hosted the 2004 China International Education Innovation Conference (Hangzhou), also in contribution to Hangzhou West Lake Exposition. As part of the conference, the “International Symposium of Policies and Innovations of Non-state Education” and the “International Symposium of Vocational and Technical Education and Teacher Education” were held. More than 90 officials from 32 countries and regions including those from UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, APEID, the member states of the International Center of Vocational and Technical Education and Training, and the International Labor Organization attended these two symposiums. The conference exposed an open and innovative image of Hangzhou in education, uplifted the reputation of Hangzhou’s Education, strengthened the idea to study in Hangzhou and also provided a window for the views of Hangzhou to foreign educationists. Thus, it was highly praised by the attendants.
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